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Gaurav (c2lf1xr4@hotmail.com)
Date:Sun 22 Nov 2015 06:24:38 AM EST

I'm probably one of the OLDEST guys who play MW, MW 2 and Black Ops as my olsedt son, (player name, Murderface99car) purchased these items for me since my 55th birthday last year. He and I hang out together playing these games as much as we possbly can between his work and my looking for a job. I have been laid off and un-emplyed since 2004 when the BOEING company gave me my walking papers. My hope is to win the drawing for the new BlackOps game so my son won't have to buy it for me. I just want to say that as a Viet-Nam era Vet the responce and friends that I have recieved playing these military formatted games has been really cool. I't freaks 99% of the players out (in a positive way) when they find out that I'm actually 55 years old. Even though I'm not very good at the games, as my hand, eye, button cordination isn't as fast as the younger guns who play, they are all really helpful and most of them do show this old fart a degree of respect and understanding regarding my level of play. The entertainment value of these games is second only to the friendships %26 conversations I have with other players through this gaming medium. Sincerely,,,,,,,Army1975Vet .VA:F [1.9.20_1166](from 0 votes)


Ed Tieman (be188e@yahoo.com)
Date:Thu 22 Dec 2011 05:08:42 PM EST

Hello I find your site interesting, because my last name is Tieman. I have been doing a lot of searching on the Tiemann name and have found a lot of very interesting sites.

Ed Tieman